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American Capital Senior Floating, Ltd. Announces Tax Reporting Information for Calendar Year 2017

Company Release - 2/1/2018 4:15 PM ET

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- American Capital Senior Floating, Ltd. (NASDAQ:ACSF) (“ACSF” or the “Company”) announced today the 2017 tax treatment for the Company’s common stock distributions (CUSIP #: 02504D108). This information was posted to the ACSF website on January 31, 2018.

Record Date   Payment Date  

Rate per Share


Total Ordinary




Total Capital





Form 1099-DIV   Boxes (1a + 2a + 3)   Box 1a   Box 1b   Box 2a   Box 3   See Footnote (1)
12/22/2017   1/4/2018   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
11/24/2017   12/5/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
10/23/2017   11/2/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
9/22/2017   10/4/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
8/24/2017   9/5/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
7/24/2017   8/2/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
6/23/2017   7/6/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
5/24/2017   6/2/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
4/20/2017   5/2/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
3/23/2017   4/4/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
2/17/2017   3/2/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
1/23/2017   2/2/2017   $0.097000   $0.097000   -   -   -   65.0528%
Total       $1.164000   $1.164000               65.0528%

(1) The Company hereby designates the above percentages of each of the total dividends by payment date as Interest-Related dividends in accordance with IRC Section 871(k).

ACSF must make certain distributions of its taxable income in order to maintain its tax status as a regulated investment company for income tax purposes. Investors can refer to ACSF's most recent report on SEC Form 10-Q for more information about its tax status.

This press release is not intended to constitute tax, legal, investment, or other professional advice. This is general information and should not be relied upon for tax purposes. Shareholders should consult their tax advisor for tax guidance pertinent to specific facts and circumstances.

About American Capital Senior Floating, Ltd.

American Capital Senior Floating, Ltd. (NASDAQ: ACSF) is a diversified closed-end investment management company that invests primarily in senior first lien and second lien floating rate loans to large-market U.S. based companies and in debt and equity tranches of collateralized loan obligations collateralized by senior floating rate loans. The Company has elected to be treated as a business development company under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended. The Company is externally managed by Ivy Hill Asset Management, L.P. For further information, please refer to

About Ivy Hill Asset Management L.P.

Ivy Hill Asset Management, L.P. (“IHAM”), a wholly owned portfolio company of Ares Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: ARCC), is an SEC-registered investment adviser, comprised of an experienced team of investment professionals focused on investing in and managing primarily middle market senior secured assets through structured investment vehicles and managed accounts. As of September 30, 2017, IHAM had total assets under management of approximately $4.2 billion across 22 vehicles.

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